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 Savings, Transparency, Honesty! Maximum ROI

Captive Insurance or what we're calling "insurance communities," have existed for 40 years. We've taken them digital.

Safety over Sales

Currently, agents get paid between 5 and 25% of your premium. Self Insurance allows you to re-allocate that money to risk management, reducing claims, and uncovered losses.

Honest Claims

Traditional insurance automatically allocates 10% of your premium toward fraud. Self insurance funds have a 95% renewal rate, build friendships, and stay together for decades.

Better than Average

Most business pay a premium that is priced based on an average of high and low risk companies. If you're a high performer, you want self insure with other high performers.

50% of the Fortune 1000 companies have a captive. What do the CEO’s of Disney, Ford, and Apple know that you don't?
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System Features

Find Partners

We've made it simple and easy to pick and choose who you partner with. Caploo's insurance system can match you with partners, recommend trusted groups, or you can invite your own. Inside of the lobby can see your partners' sign up progress, application status, and launch status.

Monitor Financials

All of your relevant financial information including claims $$, incident rates, and projected premium are displayed in the financial dashboard. The dashboard is a transparent scorecard to see how you're fairing and where you can improve.

Apply Simply

We've simplified the application process by 80 percent. The complicated paperwork with traditional insurance is now a simple 5 minute survey.

Prevent Claims

When the money is in your control, there's an even greater incentive to stay safe. Built into our sister ZERO system is a communcation tool that helps your employees identify issues and resolve them before they become claims.

The History of insurance

51 years in the business.

We are a 3rd generation business that's been in the risk management and insurance industry since 1967. We were one of the first companies to organize municipalities to self insure in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. From there we learned how to organize captive insurance companies in the state of Vermont, one of the leading places in the world for self insurance. In 2016, we formed a joint venture with Everest Re to develop collaborative employee engagement software. Now, we're bringing that knowledge to help build digital insurance communities.

Insurance Cost Breakdown

Self insurance communities are completely transparent so that you know exactly where your money is going. With the current insurance model the expenses are mostly broken down into commissions, losses, and overhead. In the third year of a self insurance program most communities pay a smaller premium, invest 11% more $ in loss control, and still have a surplus.

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